Ustad Ilyas Khan’s HR sitar restoration – Pt1 — 6 Comments

  1. I had once played during class at Ustadji’ s place . It was tuned nearby in scale C. It has a special tone…I came to know from Manglaprasad Sharmaji many intricacies and invention of Hiren Roy ji.

  2. So to me the mystery looks like he moved a part of the nut back to get proper intonation on the kharaj.
    Do you have any experience with splitting a structure apart after using hide glue? Was curious about that, normally I just make rohlam…. Hiide glue would be much easier

    • Indeed, the mystery is about the rare nut and the added intonation block.
      I have no experience with rohlam myself. My Gurus Harichand & Kartarchand used hide glue. I even never knew them talking about rohlam. They used heat to loosen the joint again and in many places (tabli, neck and nut) they used impact. Often by a firm tap with the hammer on a well-placed chisel! The hide glue then breaks loose. Impressive, though!

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