Sitar Wire Gauges (pdf).
See also Wire Conversion Table (pdf).

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Some very usefull tools for tuning your sitar here.

Handy tools for stringing and jawari on this page :
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Doing jawari:
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The making of a ghodi:
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Sitar Intonation
Read this unveiling article about sitar intonation :

Body Cleaning
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Maintenance — 3 Comments

  1. I have just bought my first sitar ( at last after 40 years !!) I discovered that it had been badly set up with the frets in the wrong place,wrong gauge of strings. It was a Singh from Mumbai. How good are these for a beginner? How good is the construction. It has a pumpkin body and a 2nd resonant gourd and the sound is not too bad but hardly celestial. The low C on the 4th string buzzes like crazy but the other strings are quite closed. I want a more open sound and liked your article on bridge adjustments. I would like to know where in the UK, preferably near Liverpool I could get it set up for the first time. Great site. Invaluable source of info.

  2. I am so happy read through your website. I have 2 sitars made by KartarChand when he was alive. Hari ji is truly a gentle and very great guy. I still go to him for all my sitar needs.