The modification of an acoustic travel sitar into an electric hybrid guitar-sitar.

Specifications   Materials   Drawings   The modification process

This instrument has been made on demand
The original idea comes from Frédéric t’Serstevens (March 2016)
Design & drawings by Klaas Janssens @ Sitar Factory (April 2016)
Completion by Klaas Janssens @ Sitar Factory (June 2016)


Dimensions: 1060mm x 300mm x 130mm (L x W x H)
Neck width: 89mm
Scale: 831mm
Strings action: String configuration: custom sitar (Baj, Jora, Laraj & Kharaj), tuned as guitar
Pardas: 24 custom hybrid shaped
Taravs: 11 traditional with wooden kutis
No cikaris installed



Body: teak wood
Parts: white fiber & metal
Pardas: Nickel Silver wire 5,0mm diameter
Machine heads: M6 Mini / Schaller
Pickup: Neck & Bridge single coil Telecaster™ guitar pickup / Seymour Duncan
Strings: Silver plated steel N°3 (0,30mm) & N°0 (0,23mm) / Pyramid
Nickel flatwound Jora N°26 (0,46mm) / Pyramid
Nickel flatwound Laraj N°24 (0,56mm) / Pyramid
Nickel flatwound Kharaj N°22 (0,76mm) / Pyramid



1 Parda lane raised

2 Parda custom shaped

original shape (Rikhi Ram)

hybrid shape (Sitar Factory)


The modification process

1 The original body, removing the original pardas

2 Fitting a raised parda lane, made out of maple & celluloïd

3 Creating a new shaped parda: the hybrid parda

1 = Hybrid parda   2 = Rikhi Ram parda   3 = Traditional parda

4 Mounting a full set (24 pcs) of hybrid pardas

5 Fitting compact electronics control & pickups



Hybrid Sitar, a real Guitar Sitar — 2 Comments

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