Here is a worn tarav mogara. The string is deeply ingrained into the bone rim… this needs to be repaired.

Start with removing the bad piece with a tight-fitting metal pin. Pry it out gently by turning round and round with the metal pin. Clean up the hole…

Select a new one, make sure it is well-fitting!!  Or, if you are lucky and it didn’t break, then it can be re-used by rotating it over p.ex. 90°, or 180°…. Glue it, and let it dry.

Apply shaping with a hand-made mill.

Clean it up, check the hole (it may be obstructed by dried up glue) and mount a new string…


Metal pins, hand drill & hand-made mills.


Kartar Chand & Hari Chand add a special tiny tarav mogara bridge to support the string.

Hiren Roy & Barun Roy install a differently shaped mogara.


Tarav Mogara Repair — 2 Comments

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