Bert Cornelis

Bert Cornelis is a professional sitar player who is a passionate disciple of Pt. Ashok Pathak. He is teaching sitar at his house in Brussels.
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Wilhelm Van Langendonck

Wilhelm Van Langendonck has been researching raga and practicing sitar for over twenty years. He studied classical sitar under the guidance of Pt. Ashok Pathak and was taught Dhrupad singing by the late Ustad Sayeed-ud’din Dagar. In addition he also received lessons from Pandit Dulal Roy, Darshan Kumari and Ashish Sankrityayan. Wilhelm is a regular performer and dedicated teacher. He is currently residing in Ghent and is teaching privately.
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Nicolas Mortelmans

Nicolas Mortelmans is a passionate sitar player and multi-instrumentalist from Antwerp. Nicolas is a fusion sitarist and Indian classical music student. He studied in the traditional way with various sitar masters in India and since 2017 he has been trained by the world famous Anoushka Shankar.


Jan Van Beek

Jan Van Beek is also a disciple of Pt. Ashok Pathak and playing sitar since more than 25 years. He is living in Holland and teaching sitar at the music school of Breda: De Nieuwe Veste . Jan is also giving private lessons at his house in Baarle-Nassau.
Website: Sitar Music

Darshan Kumari

Darshan Kumari is born in New Delhi, India but lives and resides in Amsterdam. There she started a “School for Indian Arts” in 1980 and teaches sitar and vocal.
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Pt. Ashok Pathak

Pt. Ashok Pathak is a professional sitar player, who is living in Delft, Holland.
His Pathak gharana is very unique and world famous and Ashok is teaching in Holland and Belgium.


Brigitte Menon

Brigitte Menon started learning sitar in 1976 in Benares from Thakur Raj Bhan Singh and Pandit Amarnath Misra. Later she diriged to the Imdadkhani gharana with Ustad Imrat Khan and recently she became a disciple of Ustad Shujaat Khan. In 2009 she founded the ISSF, Imdadkhani School of Sitar France which organises sitar lessons held in Paris and Jacou. Info, and much more at

Nicolas Delaigue

Nicolas Delaigue is a professional sitar player based in Lyon. He has received the teaching of Patrick Moutal, Pt. Indrajit Banerjee, Ud. Shahid Parvez and Sugato Nag. He has performed in India and is a regular performer in France and abroad. Nicolas has a long experience of teaching sitar music. He is also preparing for the state diploma of traditional music teacher. He teaches sitar and hindustani music in various places in France, but mainly in Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand (Ums School of Music). He also gives lectures and demonstrations.

Arnaud Eurin

Arnaud Eurin is a professional sitar- and surbaharplayer based in Lille. He is a Mahiar gharana sisya following lessons from Pt. Indrajit Banerjee.


Indian Music Teachers — 2 Comments

  1. Prashant Kumar Pradhan.
    Email- Prashant.
    Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi
    Mr. Prashant kumar pradhan has a vast knowledge about Hindustani instrumental music like Sitar/Mohanveena/Hawain Guitar He is conducting the examination through following exam center- 1. Prayag Sangitha Samiti, Allahabad 2.Gandharva Mohavidyalaya 3. Pracheen Kala Kendra. for children through which the importance of Indian values and culture..He has also done his Master Degree in Sitar & Mohanveena(Hawain Guitar). He has the blessings of great Gurus like Lt. Shri Gajanan Nandi (A.I.R. A-grade artist), Prof. Bauribandhu Sethi (A.I.R. A-grade artist), those reach divinity through music. Fields of work- 1. Preformed in Indian and Abroad 2. Performing art critic- Articles on music 4. Music- Hindustani music performer, composer and Teacher

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