A Hybrid Sitar, the modification of an acoustic travel sitar into an electric hybrid guitar-sitar.

The See-Tar, the making of a solid body electric sitar in plexiglass

The Solid Body Sitar SBS-01 at www.solidbodysitar.be

Solid Body Sitar

Ghodi made out of billard ball in Ivory Jawari.

Ivory jawari

Guitar to sarod adaptation in Sarod.


The making of new style sitars: The Jazz Sitars SAS-01 & 02, The Solid Body Sitars SBS-02, SBS-03 & SBS-04 in Sitar Making.

Sitar Mods: applying modifications to and creating technical enhancements for existing instruments.

Various sitar restorations: see list here

Sitar repairs & maintenance jobs in Sitar Repair.