At Dashrathpuri, next to Hari Chand’s house in New Delhi, is living another fine sitar maker. His name is Kartar Chand Dhiman, not to be confused with Hari’s famous brother late Kartar Chand Sharma. Kartar Chand Dhiman has been learning the skills from late Kartar Chand Sharma. Since his young age he has been a regular helping hand in Kartar Chand Hari Chand shop at Paharganj. Still now he frequently joins Hari Chand when the workload is too high.

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His own workshop is situated in a very small room in his House N°96 in Dashrathpuri, next to the entrance door, under the stairs to the upper floor.

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Here he’s working at a variety of indian musical instruments. But most of the time young Kartar is working on location. He visits the artists in their home and does the job there. At a regular base he also visits several music schools-among them New Delhi’s university- where he opens his shop on location during the whole day.

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In his living room he proudly presents his latest work.

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In 2003 he won a national sitarmakers contest doing jiwari. He really is Delhi’s N°1 in jiwari !!

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Kartar & me in november 2005

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Also read the full Kartar Chand Hari Chand history here.


Kartar Chand Dhiman’s shop — 16 Comments

    Street No. -9,D-96,Dashrath Puri,Dabri Palam Road, New Delhi-110045.

  2. Dear Katarji

    I work for Sita Travel with in the number one inbound travel company in India. We have a British client coming in November who whats to meet a sitar maker and maybe buy one.

    Can you help me out ?


    • Hello Soumya, Hari Chand Sharma’s shop is closed now for some time already. But if you want to meet a real sitar maker in this tradition you can contact Kartar Chand Dhiman ( 9891654630 ). He is living in Dashrat Puri, near Dwarka, ND.

  3. Namaste,
    I would like to buy a good quality student’s sitar.
    Please send me its quatation and possible a picture of it.
    I leave in Singapore. Also please advise the shipping cost.
    Thank you.
    Best regards,

  4. Yes: long live K.C.Dhiman, a very traditional, warm heart man and his sons: and great sounding work! I feel lucky for having been there last Nov – feels nice to see him/the place here (nice pics!).

  5. Dear Mister Kartar.
    I am emailing you again from the caribbean about fixing the wax on my sarasvati veena. Im very far away from you or anybody that can fix the veen for me. and my money situation is not good.
    Please dear sir. If you will be so kind. tell me how to fix the wax after a melt down. I have almost fix but I wish to be sure that maybe there is a better way of doing this.
    Philip Ananda Sarasvati

    • Hare krishna muaical store is family musical instruments making he is also doing a very nice jawari and repairing work .
      His contact no is 8527675884. 9654351726. 01123411550….

  6. Hi!

    i have opened a music shops specialised in Orriental instruments, and the work of Kartar Chand Dhiman is simply wonderfull, we don t find in europe people like him, it s a unique work.


  7. Hello,namaste,I am fortunate to have purchased an older (made in the 70 ´s) vilayat khan style sitar made by kartar chand sharma.I bought it in chandni chouk in 1992.It is very well made and has a wonderful sound.Ihave been told that it is a concert quality instrument. Do you have any idea what it is worth these days ? thank you for your help ! h.dalldorf

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