Try to find this shop board in Paharganj, New Delhi, India (Now Closed)

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Here it is, let’s go inside:

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I entered this legendary place for the first time in november 1992. It’s a haven of heavenly peace in the middle of the ever and always busy and bizzy Paharganj = commercial PAGALganj.

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Late Kartar Chand Sharma unexpectedly passed away in januari 1993. But his spirit will always remain in this respected shop.

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Homage to Late Kartar Chand & Swamiji

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Meet Hari Chand

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And, together with his young apprentice, Kartar Chand Dhiman, taking siësta after lunch.

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Young Kartar checking the sound of a repaired sitar.

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Play a discussion about this sitar and about strings to be fitted on a new surbahar.

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Play Kartar playing on this surbahar .

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Some old pictures…

Hari Chand, 2002 (pic by Vincent M.)

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Hari Chand, 1986

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Hari Chand, 1974

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Read the full Kartar Chand Hari Chand history here.


Hari Chand’s shop — 20 Comments

  1. Thank you very much for your info. I am going to try to re-work my deal right now! I’ll offer to list it on eBay for the seller instead of paying that high price. That was what he wanted in the first place. In a few hours have a look for a vintage Kartar Chand sitar on ebay, then you will see the one I am speaking of. Thanks again for your kind advice. I’ll see if I can acquire it for $50…when elephants fly! dj

  2. This is a rather heavy price…
    But, in case of full decoration, old and mint condition then it can be justified moreless…
    In comparison to what Kartar Chand himself has got for this sitar at the time of manufacturing then it is almost unhuman and not right. In the eighties, and before, one could order such a sitar for only Rs.3000 which was about $50 – $75 !!!!

    • My first Naskar sitar was £20 at that time 1968 Rs 380… people are paying Rs 45,000 or more. Riki Ram is very expensive as I guess his shop’s location demands a high rent!!
      Barun Roy now works from home in Kolkata.

  3. I just acquired a Kartar Chand Sharma sitar w/original case for $2500. Did I overpay? I’m in the Washington DC metro area. Thanks. DJ

  4. Hello, in the rare chance you ever know of a Kartar or Hari Chand sitar for sale please let me know. I have two friends here that have instruments by Hari Chand and they are fantastic and put many other makers to shame. My friend Sara has an amazing gandhar pancham sitar by him, my dream instrument if I dare say so. I’m open to other makers of sitar if they are as good as possible. Also looking for old rudra veena too.


    • Hi ,I happen to have a Vilayat Khan style Katar Chand sitar that I`m thinking of selling.I bought in Dehli in 1992 when it was reputed to be at least 30 to 35 years old.It is very well made with a great sound.Photos available. Regards ,Harry

    • Hi Theodore, I just read your request.
      Last week, in a way market, I found many things that were a property of an deceased man a that the shopper found in his house.old man was a Beatles fun and he had many Beathel things, as LP45, shirts,signes,glasses etc..There was also a Kartar sitar taht I think is about 1970 in perfect conditions and original!!! I bought it!! I couldn’t believe!!now the problem is that I don’t know what I have to do!!Please Can you help me, you are an expert about sitars!!

  5. Hello, I live in Paris and I go more often in Belgium than I do to Delhi. My sitars need fixing (and I am so clumbsy)… Please tell me where your shop is in Belgium and how to contact you. Best regards,

  6. Hari Chand will sure do this work for you. He is specialised in repairs and maintenance works. It’s the best place to be for this in New Delhi.
    For me it is difficult to talk about prices in his name, but it will be always very reasonable. No doubt about that!!

    Only one advise: I hope you have a good sitar case to protect your instrument during the trip. Specially for the return trip, when all the work on your sitar is done. Don’t use a sitar bag, cardboard or leather case but at least a strong wooden case or preferably a fiber case.

    And, I would kindly like you to know that you are also always welcome at my place for all the works on your sitar…
    But, of course, nothing more intense to enjoy than making a trip to New Delhi…

  7. Dear Sir,

    I’ m French,59 years old,learning sitar since 10 years.
    September 2010 I’ll go to India for learning more.
    My sitar,7 years old ,from Miraj needs lot of repair : jawari,change frets ,may be new paint,complete adjustment…
    I would like to know if HARI’S CHAND SHOP can do this work and what about the cost.
    Thank you very much for your reply
    Best regards

    Daniel Vallet

  8. I spent some time with Hari Chand in Aug 2008. His health is poor, so he no longer make Sitars. Hari and his apprentice only repair instruments. While there he made me some spare pegs, bridges, and frets for my Sitars, also showing me how various repairs are done as well as tips on maintaining my instruments. A lovely greatly skilled gentleman! I eventually bought a Sitar from Riki Ram at Hari’s recommendation

  9. Nice web site. My son, aged 13, learning sitar for last 6 years from Pandit Partha Das.His Sitar is also repaired time to time by Harichandji.He is old not and not keeping well .The attched photos are a tribute to this master technicians that we are loosing fast. I keep on meeting Harichandji and wonder who will keep his shop running once he becomes too old.

  10. I didn’t know this photo was made by Vincent. I found the photo tramping around on my pc. No source, no destiny…
    I hope Vincent don’t mind i put it here?

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