How to make an Indian floor bench vice standard.

This standard is supersteady and stable, obtained from a very simple wooden construction. Originally made for working while sitting on the floor, as it is common in India, but this handy tiny construction also fits perfectly well on every woodworkers bench. It’s a very useful tool for lots of sitar (and other -) work. A no-miss for jiwari work (!!), parda making and mizrab making. Over-all convenient for general wood work – cutting / sawing / drilling / glue-clamp. Here is the plan:

Collect some thick ( 2 – 3 cms ) pieces of wood, use some leftovers,…?

1 pce.: 2 cms x 40 cms x 40 cms
( OR 2 pcs.: 2 cms x 20 cms x 40 cms )
2 pcs.: 3 cms x 10 cms x 50 cms
1 vice 6 cms jaw
10 screws

Go ahead. I think it needs no more further explanation. The pictures will help you.


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