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  1. Wow, these are really old comments, but I have one for sale. I saw the comments about ” I can See For Miles” about the Who, but I am skeptical about the zetar played on this record. I think it was played on BJ Thomas Hooked on a Feeling and I insist whoever buys this learns that song. I did and it is one of the coolest moments ever.

  2. What a great story! Too bad these didn’t take off. They are so cool looking. Do you happen to know the tuning and string gauge placement? I acquired one of these but it came with no strings so I’m a little lost. Thanks in advance for your help!

  3. Hello, my name is Eric and I have one black Rajah Zeetar for sale in NH. All electronics work and it is partially restored, needs a tune up and set up with new strings, but is playable. If anyone is interested contact me on e-mail at The sitar can be seen as currently listed on Boston Craigslist in the musical instrument for sale section. Thank you for looking!

  4. Wow…. Thought this was a dead issue….

    Me and my dad invented this in the 60’s…..

    We took orders for hundreds of them after the debut at the Chicago instrument exposition… I was about 15 years old, and I was the one there playing them for the buyers.

    The factory in Japan never delivered them on a timely basis, we lost the orders, and we got stuck with hundreds of them.

    We ultimately sold the entire batch to “Job Lot Trading Corp” in NYC for about $50.00 apiece.

    I have a few in my basement that my Grandchildren play with.

    It was a Stereo Electric “Sitar” with seven strings, that “played” exactly like an ordinary guitar.

    You might hear one on the early Beatles albums….

    It was a great time…. but now…. just a distant memory

  5. Wondering if anyone out there is looking to buy one of these? My boyfriend has had one for about 8 years or so that he got from an Estate sale that took place in Florida. It was owned supposedly by a well known but unnamed performer who had an in home studio. It was in some disrepair when he got it but he had put a little work into it. It is still in need of some refinishing but in overall great shape. He had no idea what it was, and thought it was an electric Sitar, and it was by my discovery recently that it was in fact a Rajah Zeetar. Its strung/tuned as a Sitar. We are in NH, and he is considering selling, since he hasn’t utilized it the way he thought he would as a musician. Any offers or interest? Really unique!

  6. Hi There:

    The Rajah Zeetar was manufactured in the late 60’s – early 70’s.
    The concept was to make a “sitar” that was strung, fingered and played like a regular guitar.
    So any guitar player… could play the sitar.
    Initially, the orders poured in… but by the time the instruments were received from Japan, all of the orders had dried up.
    Approximately 800 pieces, all that were ever made, were sold to Job Lot Trading Corp. in lower Manhattan, NYC for $25.00 a piece.
    I personally delivered them…..
    They might still have a few, but that’s unlikely.

    How do I know all of this….?
    The instrument was conceived, developed and manufactured by my father.
    We still have one… still in the box… but it’s a Family Airloom and not for sale.

    It’s astounding to me that anyone still knows of their short-lived existence.

    ps: The Who used one on the song “I can See For Miles”

    • That picture you posted here is of me playing mine, which I’ve had since the early 1970s. It’s amazing to see myself here. I used it on the soundtrack for one of the Babar stories but that production has completely disappeared from the world.

      Jeff, I am really interested to see your post here, especially that it was meant to be played like a guitar. Was it meant to be tuned like one? Mine has always been in regular sitar tuning.

      My loft is just a few blocks from where Job Lot was back then in Lower Manhattan, by the way, though didn’t buy mine. It was given to me by Arthur Weisberg, the conductor, who had used it in one piece that his Contemporary Chamber Ensemble had played that used sitar. Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the piece, player or composer or if it was recorded.

      • The Rajah Zeetar was a part of my childhood…..
        Me, my dad, and a man by the name of Les Harsten developed it.

        I have a few in my basement that my grandchildren play with…..

        The concept was that ANY guitar player could play it!
        Tunes and fingers like an ordinary guitar……

        It was used (without recognition) on several albums in the 60’s & 70’s

        • Hi from Montreal Canada. I just read (in 2021) that you invented the Zeetar. Would you like to share pictures of those you have? Since they had 7 strings,what were the pitch used? Thank you! Would you happen to have some to sell?

  7. 9/14/10
    Hi — I have one of these instruments. I obtained it in NYC a number of years ago. I am interested in selling it. I used to play it a lot through my electric guitar amp and then I acquired a “real” sitar — and that I love so much I dont play the zeetar.
    I live in Cincinnati OHio — and can send pictures of it if anyone is interested in buying it. I would be willig to ship it to an intersted buyer.
    Dave Lynch

  8. If anyone’s interested, I’ve posted some photos on Flickr of the Zeetar. It’s a little dirty from being in the attic, but I didn’t want to clean it with the wrong material…

  9. Hello, I have a white one as well that is in very good condition. No breaks of any kind. Everything is there and the strings are all there too it appears. Missing one screw that holds one of the pickups down. I can send pix. Email me at I don’t check this site often enough.

  10. Hi, I am interested in your ELectric Zeetar. If it is still for sale and is in excellent condition, I can give you approx $500. I have never seen a white one. I am in the market for this so please let me know.

  11. I have a white Electric Zeetar in my attic which a friend gave me years ago. It’s still in one piece, although a couple of the cylinders which hold the tuning pegs at the back of the fretboard are themselves loose (I suppose they need to be reglued). It’s not in perfect condition (small chips here and there). I was about to sell it at a garage sale when my wife stopped me. Is it actually worth something? It sounds like it might be something of a rarity, but not a very good instrument (papier maché!). Any opinions? Any ideas of good forums in which to offer it for sale? I’m not a musician myself. Thanks!

  12. Nee,ondanks de imposante uitstraling vraag ik me af of er een goede sound is te krijgen uit een papiermaché tumba.
    desalniettemin een gewaagd expirimentele variant van ons aller zo geliefd instrument

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