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  1. Thank you for this excellent post. I had a friend at Aarons guitar (vicksburg, Mi) Rework my Jiwari ans Sawari… They came flat, bought it used, was a good deal yet I knew it could sound much better and now it does, I think it still needs some further tweeks yet it is not so dead sounding and I can smile as I practice, Im a new student and any sitar would do yet to not have the great sound was a downer… Your post really helped pull the sound out of it and I ordered that book you mentioned so we can look into what else we might do to really amplify the resonance…
    So glad i found this…

    • Well, Jiwari was reworked, Im so new to the instrument, I am unsure if a Sawari is a peice of it.
      We re-worked the bone saddles… to look more like the illustration and it came to life!

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