Mayur sitar with K&K transducer — 4 Comments

  1. Having played the surbahar where you installed that system earlier I feel that the system sounded much better on that surbahar. The samples here do not sound too convincing whereas I was totally stunned by your surbahar sound through the AER amp. Would you agree on that or is it a problem of recording vs. testing live?

    • No, I agree with you. This system sounds impressive on that surbahar. It balances a lot of deep low with a bright mid. But this is also noticeable on this sitar, though perhaps a bit more high presence is missing here. I think the owner has now improved this with a modified preamp.

    • Thank you for your comments and kind words.
      I would like to provide a sound sample, but the problem is that I can’t play sitar very well. I am a luthier and can handle chisels, saws and files well but my sitar playing rather dishonours the instruments. But I will try to convince the owner of this sitar to provide me with a sample….

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