More Dieter Zarnitz ghoraj — 2 Comments

  1. Isn’t the JAWARI the actual SOUND of the bridge – ie a band – closed jawari or Khol – open jawari. I always thought the bridge was called a GORAJ !!!

    • Dear Nick,
      I can only mention what has been told to me by my guru Harichand Sharma: The meaning of the word “jawari” is “saddle which gives life to the sound”. It comes from the hindi combination of “jiv” (= life) & “sawari” (= saddle). The actual bridge, as we casually also adress to as “jawari” is in fact called ghodi or also sometimes goraj. This is a construction of wooden legs, glued to a piece of hard material in a rectangular shape and a curved surface. “Doing Jawari” is the act of giving shape to the glued hard surface of the ghodi or goraj so that the specific sound is created… from closed to open, and everything in between these…

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