Vishwakarma Puja — 5 Comments

  1. I am a vishwakarma ,residing in KERALA,presently a BSNL Employee,holding Treassure Post of KVS,and one of the trustes of Srimad parasivakarma temple trust deveswam Kanhangad-KERALA. My contact 9400055123/04952353400

    I have develpped a Vioshwakarma picture I would like to up lad for you .

  2. Srushti pradhatha, Srushtiki mula purushudu Sri Sri Sri VISHWAKARMA BHAGAVAN JAYANTHI 17-SEPTEMBER, 2010.
    I wish to all Sri Sri Sri VISHWAKARMA BHAGAVAN JAYANTHI shubhakankshalu.
    I pray to Lord VISHWAKARMA to bless all the Vishwabrahmins.
    I request all the Vishwabrahmins to attend the puja’s held at Nampally Exhibition Ground, Hyderabad.
    Andhariki na yokka vinnapam Ee Sri Sri Sri VISHWAKARMA JAYANTHI UTSAVALANU jayapradham cheyandi.




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