Travel Sitar Mods (1) — 2 Comments

  1. Dear friend,My name is malkeet panesar fro UK, I play the sitar and Surbahar and also repair sitars not to the extent you do, it is always a pleasure to read your messages, keep the excellent reviews going.

    You have mentioned that you recieve several burns with the steam from your pressure cooker and hose. Another useful device is a wallpaper removing machine from DIY shops. It has a chamber to put the water, it is heated and has an attached hose, simply remove the large handle from the end to leave a hose end through which the staem comes.

    • Hello Malkeetji,

      Thank you for your kind comment. Always nice to know where my colleagues are.
      Also, your suggestion about using a wallpaper removing machine seems super !! Never thought about that before !
      Indeed, working with my modified pressure cooker is not without risk. The needle can detach suddenly, and worse, the cooker can explode because I had to remove one of the security valves. But, untill now nothing serious has happened…
      Did you succeed to open a joint with this wallpaper steamer ??

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