Steel Tarav Mogara…? — 3 Comments

  1. Hi, Looking to picture of Sitar & some explaination about Mogra for Taraf, it seems that you must have experimented for alternator material for mogra.( Normally it is from Horn or camel bone. I have tried brass material for mogra & also horn material for it. The observation is ” tonal quality changes & brass mogra gives more metallic/ sharp sound quality.
    Right now I am working on synthetic material/thermo plastic materials which are non metallic & can withstand string pressures without forming a groove over a period of usage.
    I will surely communicate once my experiments are over. . . I would appreciate your comments on experiments done at your end. – – – Ranade CG.

    • I was looking for an alternative method to guide the tarav strings to the tuning machine heads which are mounted aside of the electric sitar.
      On traditional sitars I use mostly bone. I have also had good experience with Elforyn, a synthetic ivory replacement.
      I would like to hear about your experiments with alternative material.

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