Jora tar tuning problem — 2 Comments

  1. I have found your method of making jawari really helpful. one thing I want to know,
    this concerns the tuning of the baaz string. To get the optimum sound quality, should this be in tune with the sound produced by striking the tabli with the fingers or a rubber hammer? or can one tune it to C or D without seeing whether it is in harmony with the tabli’s vibration?

    • You will need to experiment a bit for the optimum sound from your sitar . Try moving the bridge a little towards the neck if you want to tune it to D as opposed to C or C # . Mind you , the meends need more effort as you tune higher , unless you use a lower gauge string . But a lower gauge means more frequent breakage of the string . I have a 40 year old Makhanlal which has a divine sound in C# but in D it does not give a five note meend when tuned to D even if I reduce the string length ( for lower tension ) by moving the bridge towards the neck .

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