Jora tar intonation on SAS & SBS sitars — 5 Comments

  1. Dear Ananda:

    First, my sincere congratulations for the plain 2nd string idea – neat!: I wasn’t expecting so much meend-ability !

    I’m involved w/ my Ustad in sitar design to some degree and thus have some sitars I’d gladly bring to your workshop if possible (who knows …).
    Once again, Thanks for the reply & all best for your work,

    Man. Leão.

  2. Specifications for meend on SAS-02 (full fretted, 88mm neck wide, with Pyramid strings)

    On BAJ tar (0,31mm silver plated steel wire tuned in Ma = F#):
    7th parda: From Sa (C#) to komal Dha (A) = 8 semitones
    14th parda: From Pa (G#) to Re (D#) = 7 semitones

    On JORA tar (0,41mm silver plated steel wire tuned in Sa = C#):
    7th parda: From Pa (G#) to Pa (G#) = 1 full octave
    14th parda: From Re (D#) to Sa (C#) = 10 semitones

  3. Hi again!:

    Could you please give an idea of HOW MUCH meend (in terms of semitones, or number of frets) can be attained on the jora/#2 with the Pyramid string you’re using? Anything close to what is doable on the main (baj) string?

    Thank you in advance,
    Man. Leão.

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