How to make a Mizrab … in one minute — 5 Comments

  1. A copper wire is ideal for exercising purpose. You can practise with a piece of kharaj string (0.72 – 0.82 mm) and, even a more thicker copper wire ( + 0.82 mm) can result in a usable mizrab. It will give you a more soft tone when hitting the strings but the mizrab itself may become deformed after some time and it may easily become loose on the finger.
    A standard mizrab is made of medium hard steel wire of 0.82 mm (N°16). Piano wire can also be used, but it might feel too springy to bend and wind.
    In any case it will not be easy and you will better use a rather heavy tweezer to wind the wire.

    Most difficult is taking the measurement (lenght) of the wire and its bending location to result in a nicely fitting mizrab. Learn by doing…

    Succes !!

  2. My best time ? Not under 30 minutes 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Hmmm, I’ve got 2 questions :

    1> Which kind of steel do you use ? I’m trying with string that we call “piano string” but in fact it’s not “piano string”. It’s a string which is used in air models. Maybe this steel is too hard ?

    2> Which kind of tweezer do we have to use ? Hard steel is not easy to wind !

    I’ve also tried with copper but I will NOT send a picture 🙂


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  4. Thierry, you are very brave. What is your best time in making a mizrab ?
    Keep on exercising !!
    Soon I will publish the translation and if you want I will be glad to give you a course.

  5. Heuu, well … I tried and … not easy to do it in one minute 🙂

    The result was … how can I say ? …indescribable :-))))

    I’m waiting the translation of the sheet in Hindi.

    Maybe I will have more success :-)))))

    Or Klaas can you give a course ?

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