Cavitied G.Rosul gourd — 2 Comments

  1. Klaas, thanks for your comment about non-traditional finishes. How did you eliminate the parasites? I had a tabla that suffered from parasites. I tried putting the wood in a microwave, but it did not get hot enough to kill the bugs. The second method was to wrap the shell in old rags dampened with bleach. This method worked but the wood smelled terrible and could not be used after the treatment.

    • In this case the worms were no more present but I’ve also ever soaked a tumba in Xylamon (toxic wood treatment). This also worked, but the poisonous smell remains very long time indeed. I think that a microwave treatment should work. The energetic microwave radiation heatens up the fluid intestines of the worm and then it should die…!!?? I’ve also heard that putting the wood in a freezer at -18°C for 2 weeks (!!) is also an effective method…

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