Swarangini Modification — 2 Comments

  1. I purchased a Swarangini electronic tanpura over 3 years ago from a store in San Rafael,CA. It has not worked for the past two years. The instrument will turn on ( has power ) but will not perform any function whatsoever. I got very little use of this item. It is frustrating as I really like the various sound settings and tempos it can produce. We perform on Native American Flutes and percussion. I have not been able to locate anyone to attempt repair of this instrument near my home in Pasadena,CA. It has been suggested to me to just use appropriate sound apps from online access. Any suggestions?

    • I use Tanpura Droid (Android) from Swar Systems on my simple phone for tuning purpose. Sound is ok, but surely not as good as Swarangini. Raagini & Swarangini machines use quite simple electronic circuits and thus repair should be possible if you find a skilled electronics engineer. Sometimes only an elementary contact break happens…

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