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  1. I am affraid that I cannot help you with details such as evolution of their particular sitar-type from c.1890 to the present, book refs, interviews, etc… Nor the profound reasons why they have been made. I have my reservations about the effect that some changes they have carried out on their instruments really do have or not. But I think that it might be best to contact Ashok Pathak himself about this. See :
    Or, you can contact his Belgian sishya Bert C. via

    PS. I have tried several times to contact you via e-mail, but didn’t succeed. All mails returned “undeliverable”…???

  2. Thank you for the reply.
    Will try to follow to the letter regarding Question #3 (above).

    As for Pathak Ghar sitar details, I’d like to find info on the evolution of their particular sitar-type from c.1890 to the present: book refs, interviews… ;
    As for details, for ex.: string materials & tuning;# of frets used & when & why did B.Pathak added #8 & 15… ; any specs/dimensions that may stand apart from the norm (if there IS such!)… etc, etc …

    I suppose you have my contact, we could also do it via e-mail, if you prefer.
    Thanks again,

  3. 1) These frets are no longer made and thus no more available. It may be possible that another sitarmaker could still provide this style of parda’s, but I don’t know this. The frets you see on this surbahar have been designed by Kartar Chand (Hari Chand’s late brother) and were made on special request by a local founder in New Delhi. Nowadays, thick bronze wire, such as used for sitar parda’s, is used for making surbahar parda’s.
    2) Since many Pathak garana style sitar students come to my house for maintenance and repair of their instruments, I frequently work on this kind of sitars. Which details do you want to know exactly ?
    3) Yes, you can use my pics for your academic work. I only want to ask you to mention my name and site as the source of the material in appreciation of my efforts. Therefore please make it clear in your work that the pics are taken from my site by adding a small line and a link – eg. simply “Pictures by Klaas Janssens” … or similar.
    You also can make me very happy if one day you show me your work by sending me a copy (by post, e-mail, or url … ??).

  4. Clever, no doubt. And a nice instrument.
    Do you think it is possible for me to:
    1) Buy this type of fret today?;
    2) Get some useful, detailed info on the Pathak ghar instruments?;
    3) Use any/some of these pics of yours for an academic work?
    Thanks in advance,

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