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  1. We are the manufacturer of the finest quality of sitar, sarod, surbahar, tanpura among the whole world. We have a great reputation of our products with superior quality,melodious sound and everlasting strongness.We also take very much care about export products.We make fiber glass cases too.
    Arabinda Roy (son of the great Late Kishori Mohan)
    Krishnendu Roy (son of Arabinda Roy)
    A: 14/1 A,Ganga Prosad Mukherjee Road,Kolkata -700025 (shop)
    : 17/2 A,Ganga Prosad Mukherjee Road,Kolkata – 700025 (residence)
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    hope to get a valuable reply soon.
    Thanking You,
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    Arabinda Roy (Naskar & Co.)

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