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  1. Hi! I am using Pyramid Gold short scale flat bass strings. They feel like eternal, sounds good and I like them. I’ve been using this set almost five years. Are there any recommendations how often they should be changed?

  2. I need 50 metre ( .0125 inch ) pyramid sitar string coil.Which will be the best ? (The silver plated or the gold plated ). I have a very good old Hiren Roy’ s sitar.So if you can , please help me sharing your information. I also want to know how much cost , it will be. Thanking you.

  3. You could try the nickel flatwounds from Pyramid? Might be what you’re looking for. For bronze coated steel you could maybe see if Newtone can make them in the UK.

  4. Dear Chico,
    I never laid hands on this sitar, so I cannot say. But if this is a full sitar scale length (distance between jiwari and tar daan = 840 – 875 cm) then you can use this set.
    Baj tar (playing string) = .012 (0.30mm), jora = .015 (0.38mm), laraj = .021 (0.56mm) and kharaj = .030 (0.72mm). Cikari and tarav = .009 (0.23mm).

  5. Hi!

    I’m looking forward for a new string set. Would You recommend me one? I have a wood eletric sitar like this one that a buyed 6 months ago. With you large experience, what do you think about this sitar too?

    See ya! I love your blog that always show something new and interesting about this fragile world of the sitars.

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