New pardas on Hiren Roy — 2 Comments

  1. Hello, very nice work. I want to make a question? A while ago my sitar was unarmed and mistakenly fell frets. Now, do not remember where I was its location. Is there any pattern or configuration so that the strings do not touch more than one fret at a time. You can give me any information on hammered frets to locate better. Thank you very much for sharing such information on sitar.

    • I feel sorry for your problem. Mounting mixed-up frets is not very pleasant. Before starting to mount you should try to restore the original order. Rather exceptionaly the frets are numbered. Watch very carefully under, or in the proximity of, the feet. In many occasions the old Roman cypher is used. If you cannot find any marks, then there is only one solution: Put all the pardas on a flat piece of wooden board and try to sort (see picture). Pay most attention to the curvature, height and width of the frets, and to the height of the feet.

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