Instruments :

The Jazz Sitars SAS-02. The Solid Body Sitar SBS-02 & 04.

New professional sitars and rare vintage sitars made by Hari Chand Kartar Chand
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Cases :

Fiber case for traditional acoustic sitars

Stormcase for SAS & SBS sitars

Sitar Carrying Bag




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Strings & Things :

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Info about strings in english or dutch (pdf).
See also Wire Conversion Table (pdf).

Modified Swarangini

Tabla Rings

Tuning Handles, made by Olivier :
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Sitar Factory Shop — 5 Comments

  1. Hello Larry this is first time I have seen and touched a sitar. This person has brought me this instrutment to repair and fix cracks and chips on finish.
    can you tell me what the finsih is made of and you use regular glue and cracks wood bondo i just need to know what the material is so i can match it.Thanks
    T.G. Caston Jr.

    • The finish is “french polishing” proces. We use mixture of shellac grains with spirit. For any cracks etc. we use ordinary wood glue (white stuff)… In case of need to fill-up we mix this wood glue with wooden dust and plaster. Watch here.

  2. Hello everyone. I have started listening to some classic indian music in the last couple of months and i have become attached to the sitar through this music. I have been playing the guitar for only about 4 months, but i know my way arou.d the guitar. I would love to eventually learn the sitar after the guitar. Does anybody know where i could find a handmade sitar for about $500 – $700. I know thats not much but i figured it can get me something. Please no chinese factory made crap. Preferably a quality sitar handmade. Thank you! 🙂

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