Sarod Guitar / modification — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks for the advice…I’ve amended my string choices based on that to:

    .008 baj (G)
    .012 jora (D)
    .20 flatwound laraj (A)
    .32 flatwound kharaj (D)
    .09 or .08 for the two chikari.

    I went very light with that top string since G is 3 semitones up from E which is the usual tuning on guitar for that string. Maybe I’ll start pulling frets tonight!

  2. If you use steel strings, it’s better to use roundwound/flatwound strings for Laraj / Kharaj and sometimes even for Jora. In this case (guitar-scale) you can easily experiment with a set of regular guitar strings. On a full scale sitar, these strings are generally too short. The gauge will depend on the tuning and notes you want to be able to play, but I cannot help you more with this. I have untill now no further experience with these guitar-scales…

  3. This is a fantastic idea! I have a spare (cheap) electric guitar that has just found a new purpose! I’ve defretted instruments before so this should be generally feasible.

    Do you think if I use steel strings for all strings, the lower kharaj strings should be higher gauge, or still the same?

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