Bert Cornelis

Bert is an upcoming professional sitar player who is a disciple of Pt. Ashok Pathak. He is teaching sitar at his house in Brussels. Audiosamples from Bert can be found on the Music page.

You can also meet him at : .

Mark Bogaerts

Mark is a professional musician who is playing in many different fusion groups. He is frequently playing the solid body sitar at techno & dance parties and these live experiences were very determinating on the development of this instrument. With his group Himalaya, Mark released a CD on which he played the solid body sitar.

More info about him and audio samples with the solid body sitar can be found at : .

Jan Van Beek

Jan is also a disciple of Pt. Ashok Pathak and playing sitar since more than 20 years. He is living in Holland and teaching sitar at the music school of Breda : De Nieuwe Veste .

Listen to his samples on the Music page.