After some time I built a mini pickup for cikari strings only. The pickup is mounted on its own piece of wood and added to the pickup-rail. This way, it is also movable.

The cikari setup is completed with an extra knob for adjusting the cikari volume in accordance with the overall sitar-sound. But, because the EMG has built-in active circuitry an extra impedance compensating amp was added to the cikari circuit.

Finally, also for tarav amplification an extra miniature pickup has been made with a rosewood top and maple body.

This pickup is inserted in the solid body and is located under the pickup rail. It also got its own volume knob.

The output jack is replaced by a 5 pin-XLR. On this connector the three pickup signals have separate outputs and each of them has its own gain knob on the sitar. So they can be further individually processed if desired. An ordinary 5 pin-XLR to jack cable is available for basic one channel amplification just like a solid body guitar.

Finally, an extraordinary successor is born. This SBS-02 has Schaller machine heads for unlimited comfortable tuning.

The new SBS-02

Feel free to follow the making of this new original sitar at the sitar factory (tag “SBS”)


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  1. Hi dear. Very original way of amplifying the sitar.. Which strings do you use? I’ve mounted a kent armstrong slimbucker on a sitar, and the second and third strings does not amplify.. only the steel strings are amplified with the pick up. Hope you can help me. thank you.

    • Hello,
      When using an electromagnetic pickup you need steel (or iron) wires. Or, at least wound strings with steel (iron) core. German stringmaker Pyramid do have fantastic sounding wound strings for sitar & surbahar. There are brass wound, brass coated and warm sounding nickel flatwound strings available in all common jora, laraj & kharaj gauges. Write them, and ask for “long loop-end” strings to fit any sitar or surbahar langot.

  2. hi, there, i read article about solid body sitar,really nice and fantastic aproach. congrates! can you give the detail if i want to purchase that then what is the cost and how can i order to it available in new delhi or any other place.

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