Feel free to listen to some audiosamples

and discover a world of extraordinary new sitar sounds by

Jan Van Beek

Play SBS sample1 (clean)

Play SBS sample2 (effect)

Bert Cornelis

Play SBS sample1 (clean)

Play SBS sample2 (clean)

Or by myself, but :
***WARNING*** !!! I am NOT a musician !!!

Play SBS sample1 (clean)

Play SBS sample2 (effect)


Music — 2 Comments

  1. These sound great and a quality product for today’s sound stages is getting more and more necessary.

    How much do they cost?

    There are no prices on your brochure which is not encouraging, but I might win the lottery….

  2. I found your website, and am intrigued by what you are doing. In fact, I would be interested in discussing the possibility of having a solid body sitar made for me.

    Please contact me.

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