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Help — 3 Comments

  1. Pegs and strings are available at Amazon. Also the nibs that go into the end of the sympathetic pegs, the eye hole pieces that go into the neck for the lower strings. And the lotus pegs too. Just about anything you need can be found there except for the inlay material. I’m still looking for that.I found a decent price on frets from a company called The Indian Market. (A full set of 20 frets was $64). Hope this helps.

  2. Please help. I am attempting to build a sitar and I can not find the proper inlay material anywhere on the net. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Can anybody help, please, please, please. Many thanks in advance.

  3. hello my name is gerald beck I worked at an antique [res] shop we allso did stone [ver] ,brase inlay,and other thing’s my problem is this my boss gave me a sitar that’s a 140 year’s old the antique ivory is lifting up and allso there are some very small stress crak’s on one of the head bowl’s [the carving’s on the sitar tell me it was made in a higher end style ,I allso would like to know where I could go to buy part’s and replacement peg’s,and string’s [PLEASE HELP ME I’M LOSEING MY MIND]

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