Red Sitar made by Hari Chand — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, these “fittings” are only used for finetuning. They can be installed on almost every string and at almost every position…
    They are very usefull on cikari’s at the strings end position.

  2. Thank You for the reply.
    Yes, I meant just that.

    And you use those for finetuning? (or for separating the cikaris, i.e., put them out of kharaj’s way, for LH fingering?).
    Thanks again,

    • Do you mean these fine tuners ??:

      These are ordinary violin fine tuners. Very simple and easy to put, almost on every string. And above all they are very cheap. Should be available in almost every music store…
      Hit the picture to see more detail.

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